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Charles Tennant, St Rollux works
Tennants Distribution Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary company within the privately owned Tennants Consolidated Ltd group.

Tennants can trace its origins back to the late 1700's when the founder Charles Tennant, the son of a farmer and apprenticed as a Weaver invented bleaching powder by passing chlorine gas over slaked lime. This seemingly insignificant discovery revolutionised the linen trade by substantially reducing the time, effort and cost involved in the bleaching of cloth prior to dyeing and a huge chemical business was spawned centred on St Rollux, a suburb of Glasgow.

Today the Tennants group has its headquarters in Belgravia, London and has three main areas of activity:

  1. The Manufacture of Chemicals
  2. The Distribution of Chemicals
  3. Financial Investments

This website focuses on the activities of Tennants Distribution Ltd which is the largest independent distributor of chemicals within the UK.

Safety and Environment

We ensure that all our facilities conform with the best possible practices, and are under continual review to make certain that we conform to all new standards, or preferably exceed them.

We are members of our Industry's Responsible Care Programme.

Our expertise in handling chemicals enables us to advise Customers in this important area.

Customer Care

The Best Service at all times is our goal, whether it be in providing advice and support, delivery to agreed schedules, precise documentation and order handling, or quick response to all enquiries.

Innovative techniques such as Electronic Data Interchange can be deployed to automate and improve communication.


In all respects of Stewardship, Tennants adopt a leading position.

Our Storage, Stock Control and Stock Rotation systems exceed statutory standards and exhibit the best of Industry practices.


We act as Agents and Distributors under agreements with many of the World's leading Manufacturers.

With over 2000 products and 16 distribution locations, Tennants is well positioned to serve all users.

Wherever Customers are located, fast local service is on hand from our experienced Sales and Technical staff. Up-to-date methods of packaging and logistics are deployed to supply products quickly, efficiently, safely and conveniently in most quantities from bulk tankers to small packs, including blends.


Our distribution centres are all accredited with ISO 9002:2018 quality standards. Our own receiving inspection facilities assist in ensuring that Customers receive products of only the right quality.

Continual staff training and monitoring ensures we remain up-to-date in all respects.

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